Saturday, 19 March 2016


I don't know what i want to write about i just know i want to write.I know i ain't great with words nor great with stories but still I want to write.May be its the unsatisfied hunger of expressing my thoughts,my observations or my attempt to make out the meaning of my very existence or an attempt to just know myself better.

People say there "is no right way or wrong way to living,all we have to do is live". Live till we die someday?. But what's the point again?. But then looking at so many things around us that's a wrong question to ask. You see most of us feel there is no point in people climbing a mountain,for example say the Mount Everest, there is no treasure there, there are no medals to be won,no lives to be saved but still people choose to do it. Why? No one knows,no one can answer that not even those who climb up the mountain reach the top and come back. May be its just the same reason as the reason i am writing this,just a way of self-exploration. A way of knowing myself, a way of detaching myself with the life that I have been living.A way of feeling alive, alive to the existence of my own self in 

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