Saturday, 19 March 2016


1. As I grew up i realized that people like being praised, encouraged or sympathized for anything and everything.No one will appreciate you for telling them that they could have done better, that this is just not good enough or that they were hopelessly bad. 

2.Second thing i learnt very recently is to never judge people or type-cast them because some of them will definitely prove you wrong one day.

3.Most humans are good and helpful, they do good things, help people in a way it doesn't take anything significant away from their own treasury.Treasury may be of wealth, or knowledge, or grades, or an important advice(an advice that can improve someones chances at achieving something good without affecting their own chances). They do so not because they are inherently good but just because it satisfies their inner ego and makes them feel good about themselves. Makes them feel they are a good person from within in-spite of all the wrong doings and all the back stabbing they do otherwise.So most acts of good are basically acts of ego-feeding rather than that of empathy or sympathy towards the receiver.   

4.You are a character of the society around you.Each person you have met, seen or heard has affected your character in a minutest way at-least. We can witness this in the group of friends we make, they over the years end up acquiring your characteristics and you theirs. You all like and dislike similar things in most cases.

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  1. Very profound....The last paragraph isnt completely true. If thats true people would loose their identity. Some people believe in themselves and they have their own thoughts about many things. They stick to them but they learn and believe if they have an open mind. But end of the day the things they like fall in line with their basic qualities and their beliefs which keeps them who they are..