Saturday, 19 March 2016


"You are on your own" is very different when on a trek to what it means when your father tells it to you once you move out.You are literally on your "own",completely in control of everything about you.Your next step is all your concerned about. You don't see your "goals" as people usually tell you to see to succeed, all you see is your next step your immediate happiness not your long term future. Not your after retirement plans only your foot's landing pad. Unlike in usual life where your every step is governed by varied expectations of yours,your relations' and of your immediate world.In a trek your step is only governed by your understanding of your abilities and your realizations of your limitations. And success of a trek is driven by your sheer courage of trusting your abilities and making your own decisions for yourself. "Because everyone cover's their own distances with their chosen leap ". 

"Be a first rate version of yourself, rather than second rate version of someboday else"

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